I’ve spoken in a variety of settings on topics including aviation and software engineering.

Future of Aviation, Florida Business Aviation Association, 2017

Featured panelist discussing the future of aviation, promotion of local and regional airports, education, and the charter industry.

Founder Series, Alpha Loft, 2017

Spoke to a group of students and local business leaders about startup experience, common pitfalls, and challenges with growing marketplaces.

Email as an Interface, 3S Art Space, 2015

Well received technical discussion about using email as a bidirectional interface for software with more than 200 attendants.

Understanding Systems, University of New Hampshire, 2015

Lecture to freshman biology class about the understanding systems, emergent properties, and utilizing systems thinking across many different fields.

Modern PHP Development, Alpha Loft, 2014

Technical talk about modern engineering principles with PHP, including Hack, HipHop, Composer, CLI tools, and more.

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