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Founder & CEO - SimpleCharters.com


Hi there!

I’m the founder & CEO of SimpleCharters.com. I started this company with one goal in mind: to solve the sourcing and purchasing problems that plague the private air charter market.

As I’m certain you’ve experienced, due to the fragmented nature of the charter industry, it can take hours or days just to get enough pricing options to make a qualified decision. The lack of transparency and options has led to the rise of jet cards and membership programs, where significant upfront costs and multi-year commitments lock clients into the program and obscure their value propositions. Other various fatally-flawed models have come and gone, including shared flights, free empty legs, private aviation clubs, and more.

All of these models fail to address the underlying problem, and there’s no inherent value to the client. It’s just smoke and mirrors.

We do one thing, and we do it exceptionally well— we provide you with guaranteed charter flights. At SimpleCharters you’ll never find yourself waiting around for a quote, struggling to compare the differences in aircraft, or wading through an endless river of useless empty legs.

At SimpleCharters you’ll be able to price-shop hundreds of aircraft in seconds, make qualified purchasing decisions, and have confidence in the technology that ensures you always have an aircraft ready to go.

Charles Denault
Founder & CEO